Video: Nathan Moore on Jam Cruise 11

Nearly every late night/morning on Jam Cruise 11 singer/songwriter Nathan Moore and his musical brothers-in-arms Bryan Elijah Smith and Jay Cobb Anderson held down an area of the boat each night called “The Spot” where they would perform before whoever happened to be in front of them at the time. These unscheduled performances were at the heart of Jam Cruise 11 and many musicians stopped by “The Spot” to sing and play with the trio at various points throughout the trip.

Moore had his trusty video camera with him at most times on Jam Cruise 11 and has shared a nine-minute montage which gives us a look at the trip from his point of view. Along the way we get to see some of what went down at “The Spot,” the scene on the trip and one of the first performances of a song the trio wrote on the boat called A Good Man Is Hard To Find.


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