Video: Chad Dinzes – It’s Ice @ Madison Square Garden

The music of Phish was performed at Madison Square Garden last night, but it wasn’t the Vermont quartet who delivered it. MSG organist Chad Dinzes, who plays the Page role in Phish tribute act Strange Design, debuted his version of It’s Ice during the Rangers game.

Dinzes has shared a clip of the performance…

Chad Dinzes – It’s Ice

Strange Design will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rift, the album on which It’s Ice first appeared, on February 2nd at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City.


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5 thoughts on “Video: Chad Dinzes – It’s Ice @ Madison Square Garden

  1. CandyKrazy Reply

    Licorice coming back? Love it.

  2. Jeff Reply

    Chad is the man.

  3. Matt Reply

    I was there and heard it and was shocked. I was sitting there, talking to my dad and was like, “What? I know this song!” And then it turns out the organist is in a PHISH tribute band? that’s just too awesome.

    I guess i gotta go see his band in Brooklyn February 2nd

  4. go phish Reply

    sounds like bisco without the rest of the band. ahahaha. Bring back the Tweezer Reprise before the start of the 3rd period. that could of gave our team a boost last night when we needed it.

  5. tomahawkcounty Reply

    This man is a HERO.I’ve been PHiSHin’ for twenty-two years, and this may be the best sighting yet.

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