Pro-Shot Video: David Byrne & St. Vincent – Live

One of our favorite albums of 2012 was the¬†collaborative¬†effort between David Byrne and St. Vincent dubbed “Love This Giant.” Not only did the pair put together a wonderful album, but they enlisted a badass band to back them on a lengthy tour and worked all sorts of choreography into the mix. Thanks to NPR Music, we’ve got a professionally shot taste of said tour.

Filmed this past September at the Strathmore Music Hall in Bethesda, Maryland, Byrne and St. Vincent run through a collection of tunes from the album, songs from their solo repertoires and the Talking Heads classic Burning Down The House. Here’s nearly 40 killer minutes from that show…

David Byrne & St. Vincent @ Strathmore Music Hall

“Strange Overtones”
“The One Who Broke Your Heart”
“I Am An Ape”
“The Forest Awakes”
“I Should Watch TV”
“Burning Down The House”


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  1. bmo Reply

    Thank you Scott for sharing, this and the almost dead show are truly remarkable!

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