Video: ALO – Plastic Bubble (Live on Jam Cruise 11)

California’s Animal Liberation Orchestra, aka ALO, were one of the band’s that impressed me most on last month’s Jam Cruise 11. I’ve been waiting for official videos of their sets and others to appear online. Today, a clip of ALO performing Plastic Bubble, a catchy tune they’ve performed on Jam Cruise 7 and Jam Cruise 9 as well, was uploaded to the JamCruiseTV YouTube channel.

Watch as ALO plays Plastic Bubble on the Pool Deck during Jam Cruise 11…


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One thought on “Video: ALO – Plastic Bubble (Live on Jam Cruise 11)

  1. MarleyPhish Reply

    ALO is a fantastic group. Solid lyrics and a sweet summer vibe to their music. I believe they are doing a short spring run with the Ryan Montbleau Band in April. Hitting NYC I believe. I’m not going to miss the Philly stop, two of my favorite groups.

    Glad you dug them.

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