Bill Evans’ Soulgrass Kicks Off Blue Note Residency With Special Guests Eric Krasno and John Medeski

Saxophonist Bill Evans and his Soulgrass outfit┬ástarted a residency at New York City’s famed Blue Note jazz club last night that will run until Sunday. For their first show, Evans and Soulgrass were joined by keyboardist John Medeski and guitarist Eric Krasno. Blues Traveler harmonica wiz John Popper was set to appear, but missed the early and late shows due to a medical issue.

[All Photos by Dino Perrucci]

Bill Evans’ Soul Grass will play an early and late show each night until Sunday for a total of 12 performances over six nights. John Medeski is expected to sit in at each show with Jake Cinninger among the other guests set to play with Soulgrass.

Check out more of Dino Perrucci’s exceptional photos from the first night of the residency…


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