Soulgrass + Jake Cinninger + Popper + Medeski – Runaround

Earlier today we posted a video of Bill Evans’ Soulgrass, Jake Cinninger, John Popper and John Medeski performing Glory by Umphrey’s McGee as shot by our pal LazyLightning55. Well LL has just posted another clip from the concert. Watch as the ensemble tackles Blues Traveler’s Runaround…

Bill Evans’ Soulgrass w/ Cinninger, Popper and Medeski

The residency continues tonight at the Blue Note with Medeski and Cinninger as announced guests.


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4 thoughts on “Soulgrass + Jake Cinninger + Popper + Medeski – Runaround

  1. Ben R. Reply

    I think you may have posted the wrong clip. This clip was a minute of introductions and it cut out right at the beginning of a song.

  2. Ben R. Reply

    Ha! You fixed it before my comment posted. Good work!

  3. Adam Reply

    so…um…the intro is very nice, but where’s the actual song?

  4. Adam Reply

    much better…thanks!

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