Student Accompanies Billy Joel on New York State of Mind

A dream came true for Long Island college student Michael Pollack back in January when the Piano Man himself Billy Joel came to visit his school, Vanderbilt University, for a Q&A and performance session. Joel was taking questions for students in the crowd at the event and called upon Pollack. The 18-year-old freshman asked Billy if he could perform New York State of Mind with him which garnered gasps from the audience.

Joel said yes and brought Pollack up on stage. The pair proceeded to kill it…

We believe Billy Joel when he says “remember that name” in regards to Pollack.

[via @Lefsetz]


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5 thoughts on “Student Accompanies Billy Joel on New York State of Mind

  1. Adam Reply

    Fantastic video! Energy in the room must have been palpable. Being from Long Island, I am beyond excited to finally see him at Jazzfest!

  2. Tom Gruber Reply

    This is what it’s all about. I never want the classic rock & songs we grew up with to be forgotten. Amazing video. Thank you for this classic generational connection Mr. Joel!!

  3. Panda Reply

    That’s tremendous. Very, very cool move on BJ’s part. Bravo.

  4. Gee Reply


  5. Lou Dobbs Reply

    What a boss.

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