Backstage Video: Robert Plant Chats With Roger Daltrey – 2002

What is it about today that has led to incredibly cool backstage videos surfacing? On top of the footage of Buddy Miles and Phish we came across this morning, we’ve found a video of The Who’s Roger Daltrey shooting the shit with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin that was filmed in 2002.

Plant was aboard The Who’s North American Tour in the summer of 2002 as the opening act. This clip shows Robert conversing about all sorts of things with Daltrey and they get so into their conversation that they lose track of time. At the end, Plant’s tour manager alerts him that he’s running late and we see Plant quickly jet the room backstage and head to the stage. Check it out…


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2 thoughts on “Backstage Video: Robert Plant Chats With Roger Daltrey – 2002

  1. warren Reply

    Great stuff. I saw that show at the Tweeter center. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sara Reply

    Roger is 110% cuter than Robert! I met him a few times, he’s even cuter in person!

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