Full Show Friday: Black Crowes w/ Marc Ford – London ’96

[Originally Published: April 12, 2013]

Arguably, the best Black Crowes lineup of all-time was the one that held together for most of the ’90s in which drummer Steve Gorman, keyboardist Eddie Harsch, bassist Johnny Colt and guitarist Marc Ford augmented the Brothers Robinson. Ford’s tone and Harsch’s versatility fit Chris and Rich’s music so well while no one has held down the drummer’s seat in The Black Crowes like Steve Gorman.

For this week’s Full Show Friday, we take a look at a classic Black Crowes performance from November 19th, 1996 at the Astoria Theater in London featuring that incredible lineup we mentioned earlier. This show contains a beautiful acoustic section and hard-hitting electric segments. Among the highlights are a blistering take on Wiser Time, Chris stopping the show during Gone to berate a fan who threw a beer at him, a gorgeous acoustic version of Torn and Frayed and a let-it-all-hang-out Remedy closer.

Set: Nebakanezer, Downtown Money Waster -> Share The Ride -> Gone*, Feathers,  Black Moon Jam -> Black Moon Creeping, Wiser Time -> Ballad In Urgency, Girl From The North Country, Under A Mountain, Thorn In My Pride

- break -

Jealous Again (acoustic), Thunderstorm 6:54 PM (acoustic), Torn And Frayed (acoustic), Good Friday (acoustic), She Talks To Angels (acoustic), Blackberry, Mr Spaceman, Remedy

* – A beer from the crowd hit Chris during Gone causing a slight interruption

[Setlist via CrowesBase]


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