Tour Dates: Save The Date – Tenacious D Festival Supreme

Back in January we posted about Tenacious D’s plan to throw a comedy rock festival on Santa Monica Pier called “Festival Supreme.” More details have finally emerged about Festival Supreme as we now know that the event will take place on Saturday, October 19, on Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California. Festival Supreme has a website and a Facebook Page, but for now the lineup hasn’t been revealed. When Jack Black originally talked about Festival Supreme with Rolling Stone, he mentioned a wishlist of “your Flight of the Conchords, your Lonely Island, your Tenacious D, your Zach Galifianakis, your Spinal Tap, your Eric Idle,” and Weird Al. We’ll see who they actually get.

TenD_Fenix_Nest_v1f (560x560)

If you’re not into a night with Tenacious D and comedy rock acts, then maybe you’ll be interested in hitting one of these recently announced tours…


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