Trey Anastasio To Appear On PBS NewsHour – Phish Working On New Album

Each weeknight since 1975, PBS has aired an evening news program called NewsHour. One week ago today, as Trey Anastasio was in the middle of rehearsals for his performance with the National Symphony Orchestra, the Phish front man sat for an interview that will air soon on PBS NewsHour.

[Photo by @Mike_Melia]

Senior Correspondent Jeffrey Brown conducted the interview. Prior to the interview, the NewsHour solicited questions for Trey from Phish fans via Facebook. Keep your eyes on HT and producer Mike Melia’s Twitter feed as he’ll keep us posted on when the feature will air.

UPDATE: The piece will air on July 2 and after that PBS will share the entire 30-minute interview on their website.


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7 thoughts on “Trey Anastasio To Appear On PBS NewsHour – Phish Working On New Album

  1. Gary Reply

    Does he ask Trey where has the Ocedoc gone?

    • Jeremy Reply

      Gary is that really what you are thinking about after reading this article? Maybe you need to goto rehab like trey did and move on with life. Watch his behavior on stage circa 2003-2004 and then look at these amazing collaborations and reinvigorated jams he’s doing with phish and clearly the oxy doctor is gone.

      • Ronald Reply

        Haha Jeremy. Do some online research before you trip over your thoughts. The Ocedoc is one of Trey’s guitars. Strong effort though!

        • Doug Reply

          LOL…..Jeremy = maroon

          • fluff

            Oxydoc oxydoc where can he be…. I need him to fill a prescription for me

  2. mfauteux1 Reply

    Yeah hey Jeremy u should know what your talking about before you jump all over someone for there comments. Obviously he’s not refering to drugs bro. What he’s talking about is Trey’s languadoc with the ocelot on it….30 seconds of research would have helped you out on this one. Anyway I’m glad the boys are taking the lyrics and music into a group effort ,not knocking Tom Marshall, its just cool to see them getting creative all together! ! See y’all this July! !!!

  3. Jahhhh Reply


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