Full Show Friday: The Police – Live At The Tokyo Dome

When we started Hidden Track in 2006 the possibility of The Police reuniting was about equal to that of pigs flying. Sting said it would never happen and then all of the sudden it did. The man born Gordon Sumner woke up one morning and realized that if he didn’t reunite The Police at that moment in time, it may never happen. So he made a few calls and all of the sudden we had a full-blown Police reunion on our hands. Sting promised it would be a one-and-done venture and after over a year of shows between ’07 and ’08, he has kept his word as there’s not even been talk of the trio reuniting since.

But we’ll always have that Reunion Tour. While The Police took heat from many for not taking many chances setlist-wise and including no new material, I absolutely loved the three shows I saw. Stewart, Sting-O and Andy still had their chops (though it took Andy a while to get back to speed), and as the shows went on they started adding more improv into the sets. For today’s Full Show Friday, we’ve got pro-shot video of The Police’s entire February 13th, 2008 performance at the Tokyo Dome…

00:48 - Message in a bottle / 05:33 - Synchronicity II / 11:47 - Walking on the moom /18:15 - Voices inside my head / When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around / 25:53 - Don’t stand so close to me / 30:51 - Driven to tears / 36:55 - Hole in ly life / 41:26 - Every little thing she does is magic / 46:05 - Wrapped around your finger /52:12 - De do do do, de da da da / 56:53 - Invisible sun / 1:02:04 - Can’t stand losing you /1:08:43 - Roxanne /1:15:05 - King of pain /1:20:43 - So lonely/ 1:26:26 - Every breath you take /


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  1. Jay Gerland Reply

    $300 mil split 3 ways is a pretty good pay day (or year). I knew it was a cash-in when i saw it in Buffalo but I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Elvis Costello as an opener was a good idea but they had a real sub-par sound mix compared to The Police. Thanks for sharing!

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