Video: Ween Guitarist Dean Ween Shows Off Guitar Moves

Sorry for two Ween posts in a row (no we’re not), but we’ve come across a video you’ve got to see. Veteran shredder Matt Sweeney hosts a video series for Vice Magazine’s music off-shoot Noisey called Guitar Moves. For the latest installment of Guitar Moves, Sweeney headed out to New Hope, Pennsylvania to visit Ween co-founder Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo at his “shack.” The resulting 13-minute video shows off a side of Deaner we never get to see and has great tips for musicians.


The video starts off with Sweeney and Melchiondo jamming on an instrumental tune that Deaner calls “Dickey Betts,” and the guitarist goes on to admit, ”Everything that I play is either a variation of either Maggot Brain or Blue Sky.” The two axe men part take in a fair bit of jamming, conversation and teaching, with Melchiondo teaching Sweeney Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? There’s so much awesome in this video, so check it out…

And here’s the full version of Dickey Betts from a 2004 Jimmy Wilson Group show…


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2 thoughts on “Video: Ween Guitarist Dean Ween Shows Off Guitar Moves

  1. weinish Reply

    I was at this show with Agent Hynd, Shwilson, and Bergdees…

  2. boatbutter Reply

    Looks like Deano isn’t following the above-or-below the dick rule!

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