Boot Camp: Paste Offers Free Classic Radiohead Boot

Back in June of 1995, Radiohead visited the tiny NYC club Tramps for one of their first concerts in the Big Apple. The band was in town to promote their The Bends LP, which was released just three months earlier. Our friends at Paste are offering up a free download of the entire Radiohead performance from Tramps on June 1, 1995 in MP3 Format. Radiohead’s 6/1/95 show features live performances of each song from The Bends as well as a few tunes from their debut LP – Pablo Honey.


To download, simply head to this page¬†and press the “FREE DOWNLOAD” button. If you’d like, you can leave a tip with all monies collected going towards Amnesty International. The recording sounds absolutely fantastic and is a must-download for even casual Radiohead fans.


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