Full Show Friday: Little Feat Live In Germany – 1977

For this week’s Full Show Friday selection, we take the Hidden Track Time Machine back 36 years to the summer of 1977 for a Little Feat performance that was broadcast on legendary German TV show Rockpalast. Lowell George and Co. were at their finest and we’re lucky to have this document of Little Feat at their peak performing some of their most beloved songs including Skin It Back, Fat Man In The Bathtub and Dixie Chicken.


Waiting for Columbus, arguably one of the finest live albums ever made, was recorded just months after this performance so this is the closest we’ll get to a video version of WfC. Each member of Little Feat shows their value from Lowell’s earnest Willin’ vocals to Paul Barrere’s angular lead work in Skin It Back to galloping rhythms pounded by the one-two attack of drummer Richie Hayward and percussionist Sam Clayton during Fat Man to Kenny Gradney holding it down for All You Can Dream and Bill Payne’s barrelhouse piano work in Old Folks Boogie. Enjoy 70 wonderful minutes of Feat…

01 Skin It Back (6’00”)
02 Fat Man In A Bathtub (4’25”)
03 Oh Atlanta (4’05”)
04 Day At The Dog Races (9’30”)
05 All That You Dream (5’25”)
06 Old Folks Boogie (4’30”)
07 Dixie Chicken (11’45”)
08 Tripe Face Boogie (6’00”)
09 Feats Don’t Fail Me Now (6’20”)
10 Willin’ (4’05”)
11 Rocket In My Pocket (3’45”)


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  1. tHE dUDE Reply

    What a great band, Lowell G hittin the spot perfectly. Excellent group of musicians.

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