Video: Phish And Jay-Z – The Hangout

We were perusing the Phish page on Reddit and came across a really cool clip added by Redditor j-les that finds the members of Phish hanging backstage with Jay-Z at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn, New York on June 18, 2004. Hova and Trey talk business, the Nets and a friend they have in common (Drew Katz) and we even get to hear that NBA commish David Stern is familiar with “The Phish.”


Watch this brief clip of Phish hanging with Jay-Z…

And, of course, here’s the video of the actual performance from later that night…


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7 thoughts on “Video: Phish And Jay-Z – The Hangout

  1. AK Reply

    Not to mention the appearance of Cyro Baptista right at the end.

    • tixetsal Reply

      I thought that was Lester Claypool!

  2. Alex Reply

    Getting to dance on the stage for that was one of the funniest things ever

  3. zappafrank Reply

    I really think the Jay Z performance came off well. Was prepared to hate it when it happened, but when I heard it, I thought it was great

  4. Adam Reply

    Scary that this was almost 10 years ago. Where does the time go?

  5. Yuval Reply

    I immediately thought about this when I heard that Pearl Jam performed with Jay-Z last year. I give PJ props for trying it, but Phish did it first, and I think pulled it off better.

  6. Nick Reply

    It is cool to see how nervous Trey and Jay-Z are as they make conversation.

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