Widespread Panic’s “Mamas & Papas” Set @ Red Rocks

As we mentioned earlier, jam titans Widespread Panic kicked off a four-show Red Rocks run last night at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Apparently there’s something about jam bands playing theme shows/sets in Colorado as following Phish’s “S” show and “Fuck Your Face” show at nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and Furthur’s “Steal Your Face” show at Red Rocks, Widespread Panic had a theme set in store for their Red Rocks ’13 opener.


[Cheat Sheet by Panicstream Facebook]

Every song Widespread Panic played during last night’s second set, as well as the Don’t Be Denied and Hope In A Hopeless World encores, referenced either mamas or papas. This was the case whether it was via the song title as for Red Hot Mama and Papa’s Home or lyrically such as Sewing Machine’s lines about “mama.” The cheat sheet above shows all of the references.

Set One: A of D Rock Weak Brain, Narrow Mind Dyin’ Man Bear’s Gone Fishin’ Walkin’ Pickin’ Up the Pieces You’ll Be Fine Knocking ‘Round the Zoo

Set Two: Weight of the World Papa Johnny Road Party at your Mama’s House Ribs and Whiskey Papa’s Home > Blue Indian > Drums > Papa Legba > Papa’s Home Sewing Machine Red Hot Mama

Encore: Don’t Be Denied Hope in a Hopeless World

We’ll see what happens tonight for the run’s second of four shows.


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4 thoughts on “Widespread Panic’s “Mamas & Papas” Set @ Red Rocks

  1. liffy Reply

    Woulda been much cooler had they encored with a Mamas and Papas tune. C’mon panic, you can do better.

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      For what it’s worth, the house music after the show was Mamas and the Papas

      • goinoutwest Reply

        In fact, it was the Mamas and Papas song “Trip, Stumble, and Fall”.

        Watch your step on those stairs, folks…

  2. @mccumbertweets Reply

    that’s my cheat sheet!

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