Sir Paul McCartney Duets With Jimmy Fallon on Xmas ‘SNL’ (Also: Dylan, Bowie Impressions)

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 11.12.54 AMTalk about newsworthy: Saturday’s episode of SNL was actually watchable! Well, at least the opening monologue, which featured former cast member (and future Tonight Show host) Jimmy Fallon delivering a tender duet version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with Sir Paul McCartney.

But first things first. Fallon arrives on-stage with his reliably twitchy boy-next-door stage presence (which I happen to love), smiling and thanking the enthusiastic crowd. He also notes how much he has to be thankful for in the past year: After choking back tears and mentioning the birth of his first daughter, and he also makes a subtle (apparently too subtle since nobody laughed) joke about how he’ll be taking over The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in February.

Then the fun begins. After strapping on an acoustic guitar, Fallon excitedly introduces some guest singers (Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and McCartney) to accompany him on a version of “Joy to the World.” Problem is…they’re all stuck in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel. But, being the “show must go on” showman that he is, Fallon plunges ahead by handling all their parts himself — by channeling their distinctive voices (Bowie’s melodramatic vibrato, Dylan’s screech, Macca’s politely British accent).

“Heaven and nature sIIIIIIIInnng,” goes a Dylan line.

Then Macca takes the stage, interrupting Fallon’s impression. And you know the rest.

Oh, Paul — you charming bastard.


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