Wednesday Intermezzo: Cruising For Covers

The next two nights offer a rare opportunity to see two of the best cover bands while cruising around New York City on a boat. Tonight, Give Us The Money Lebowski show off their jukebox-like repertoire, frenetic improvisations and sparkling wit on the 200-capacity Half Moon at 8 pm. Tomorrow night, Led Zeppelin face-melters Bustle In Your Hedgerow takes to the seas in honor of Rocks Off founder Jake Szufnarowski’s birthday at 11 pm on the 500-person Temptress. Both of these concerts should be, dare we say…epic.

The past two days have brought us a slew of interesting stories. Check ‘em out:

That’s all we have for now, but we’re sure the list will grow again by Friday. If you have any news tips for us leave a comment below…


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0 thoughts on “Wednesday Intermezzo: Cruising For Covers

  1. siwook Reply

    so Shannon Tweed is available??

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    I like Shannon Tweed’s crazy sister, Tracy.

  3. NewmRadio Reply

    Ace, did you motice Brendan Benson’s quote about ‘dancing about architecture”?

  4. Andrew "Butch" Weiss Reply

    That Coen Bros movie is going to be outstanding. Even the trailer looks great, aesthetically.

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