Bloggy Goodness: 3 Days In The Life

As if we needed another reason to hate Yoko Ono, we’ve got another one to add to our list. The widow of the late John Lennon is looking to block World Wide, a consortium of Beatles collectors, from releasing the film 3 Days In The Life.


Clocking in at over two and a half hours long, the film is said to include scenes of Lennon smoking pot, writing songs and discussing putting LSD in President Richard Nixon’s tea. The film was culled from over nine hours of footage of Lennon and Ono shot weeks before The Beatles broke up by Ono’s ex-husband.

Finally, we let 4/20 pass without a cheap joke or thinly veiled drug reference – shame on us. Picking up the slack though was Coventry who celebrated the day with a ton of posts dedicated to all things 420, including a stellar mix of some memorable versions of 2001 from the Phab Phour. Nice work boys.


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6 thoughts on “Bloggy Goodness: 3 Days In The Life

  1. Pauly Reply

    Thanks for mentioning our 4:20 Day coverage at Coventry. Glad you dug the 2001 mix.

  2. nazz nomad Reply

    Wait a minute… John Lennon smoked dope? Yoko Ono’s a bitch? Next thing you’re gonna tell us is that the President is an asshole.

  3. All Things Go Reply

    Thanks for the linkage on the Sam Cooke covers. We also, however, did a 4/20 mix (the third in our yearly installment of the All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtapes). You can snag it on our site.

  4. paul Reply

    hey thanks alot for mentioning me on your site, how do you feel about putting rock revival on your blog roll, i can do the same ?

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