Tour Dates: Bruce Returns to MSG

Since getting back together with the E Street Band in the late ’90s The Boss has kept busy with his backing band churning out some great albums and epic concerts. While NJ’s favorite sons are about announce the final leg of their Magic tour, which is rumored to include a five night stand at Madison Square Garden, many are speculating this could be the last run for the band.

If seeing a rousing three-hour plus Springsteen show isn’t for you, then maybe one of these recently announced tours will be…

Finally. the festival announcements have come to a considerable halt over the last few weeks; but the initial line up for the inaugural Jackson Hole Music Festival caught our attention when it was revealed the other day. Among the handful of bands that were announced to appear alongside the Black Crowes, Medeski, Martin & Wood and Kaki King are old Uncle Tupelo band mates Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar with their current bands.

It’s no surprise the two acts will appear on different nights, since there is no love lost between those two. I’m sure there are people out there who are crossing their fingers that the two might kiss and make up and play some tunes together, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. Good looking festival, though.


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