Leftovers: Is Chris Martin A Thief?

We’ve got our first “You Be The Judge” situation of 2008. Andrew Hoepfner of little-known indie band Creaky Boards accuses Coldplay’s Chris Martin of stealing the melody of Viva La Vida in a viral video that’s tearing up the interwebs. Check out the video and let us know what you think. You Be The Judge!!!

I think the melodies sound similar, but aren’t exactly the same. It doesn’t matter though, the 370,000+ people who saw this video now know exactly who Creaky Boards are. Everyone’s a winner thanks to YouTube!

Let’s see what else is goin’ on this morning:

Finally, Live Nation’s Mike Luba got himself in a bit of trouble when he told a group of Fort Lauderdale City Commissioners that his firm wanted to do away with Jazz during a meeting over a proposed festival that Live Nation wants to bring to the city. Luba told the Sun-Sentinel that he spoke “totally in the moment, to break the tension,” and that “it was 100 percent a joke.” What a funny guy!


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3 thoughts on “Leftovers: Is Chris Martin A Thief?

  1. Jesse G. Reply

    The best thing about the Creaky Boards envy is that Viva La Vida actually has a much better and way more memorable melody.

  2. Sisto Reply

    You’re obviously not a golfer.

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