GUTML and SCC’s Loss Is New Zealand’s Gain

1. GUTML – Guyute 03/02/2007

2. SCC – Shell It Out 05/24/07

3. SCC w/ Jen Durkin – Whole Lotta Love

4. SCC – I Won’t Leave You There

5. SCC – Grateful


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6 thoughts on “GUTML and SCC’s Loss Is New Zealand’s Gain

  1. DaveO Reply

    I’ve heard this is all a smokescreen and that Nick is actually joining Vampire Weekend starting in 2009.

    A Scarecrow Collection representative declined comment when contacted by Hidden Track.

  2. rabbi of the beat Reply

    Nick (“Satanist of the Stratocaster) has been the Thursdaynightallstars favorite guest artist. We wish him all the best on his new adventure.

  3. zappafrank Reply

    Good luck in New Zealand budro. Eat some kiwi. The fruit or the bird. Either one. Preferably at the same time.

  4. headyesq Reply

    I actually never liked this kid or his subpar guitar playing. Also, I think his last name has too many vowels.

    Is his opportunity playing with Flight of the Choncords? Because if not, then who cares?

    Maybe now SCC will win a Jammy.

  5. Primuthrillz Reply

    Truly a disappointing departure…hopefully not a permanent one. The super sick MIXXTAPE will opening the festivities Saturday night @ Mexicali! Should be a good one!!!

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