Leftovers: Live Nation Wins The Battle

In a battle of two corporate behemoths, Live Nation continues to face off with Ticketmaster for the extremely lucrative live entertainment ticketing business. Live Nation scored a major victory in the latest round by making a five-year deal with a third corporate giant, SMG, to sell tickets at most of the SMG’s facilities.

Live Nation ticketing expects to sell 10 million tickets in their first year of operation which will probably start in the middle of 2009 when their current deal with Ticketmaster expires. That number should jump dramatically in the second and third year of operations for LN Ticketing. We haven’t heard the last of this war.

Let’s take another look at what’s happening elsewhere:

One more item before we go: The Mirage in Las Vegas recently unveiled details of a $25 million facelift for their world famous faux volcano. The 20-year old landmark’s getting a slew of fireball-throwing devices that will be choreographed to erupt on cue with a soundtrack co-composed by the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart. For the Mirage’s sake, let’s hope there’s no rapping involved. [via The AP]


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2 thoughts on “Leftovers: Live Nation Wins The Battle

  1. Heady Lamar Reply

    Fire in the Fauxcano!

    Long odds gambler, what you standin’ there for?
    Get up, get out, get out of the door
    They’re playin Dead music on the casino floor
    Drowned in your cashflow and Dead to the core.
    A highroller with matches is loose on the town
    Takes a whole pail of water just to cool him down.

    Fire! fire on the mountain!

    Almost a bust still you don’t feel the heat
    It takes all you got not to puke in the street.
    The buffet’s a livin, we all gotta eat
    You’re queued up alone, there’s no one to compete.
    If this was a bus’ness, well, that I could do
    More than reunion tours when your dreams come true.

    Fire! fire on the mountain!

    Long odds gambler, what you holdin out for?
    Caught with no condom and no cash for the whore.
    The stink on your name has now spread to the floor
    You gave all you had. why you wanna give more?
    The more that you give, the more we will take
    To the good times beyond which you really can’t fake.

    Fire! fire on the mountain!

  2. coach Reply

    this is not going to be a good thing. when livenation controls the artists, the venues and the ticket buying apparatus they’re going to gouge the consumer at every level.

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