Bloggy Goodness: Ben Kingsley Gets Threatening

Normally, we don’t tend to give much space to hardcore acts around these parts, but yesterday an interesting music video was making it way around the internets that featured the music of Minor Threat. The folks over at Mean magazine (yeah I’ve never heard of it until now, too) have recruited Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley to play the part of Ian MacKaye for a clip that pays tribute to the D.C. punk legends. Check it out for yourselves.


Finally, I received an interesting email in my inbox last night from the folks at Bowery Presents. The New York City-based promoters are encouraging its loyal patrons of the Bowery Ballroom to attend a community board meeting tonight to show support for a new restaurant, to be located a block away, that is seeking its liquor license.

Here’s some info for those who’d like to help out…

We want to encourage new, well-managed restaurants to open in the community so that our guests will have a place to eat both before and after shows. The Community Board has requested that Travertine show its widespread community support through letters or by having supporters attend the Community Board meeting tomorrow evening 6 pm at SEIU HQ, 101 Sixth Avenue, 22nd floor, between Canal and Spring Streets). If you are able to attend, the Community Board leadership is merely going to ask supporters of Travertine’s liquor license application to stand up or show their hands (this should take no more than an hour).


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