Briefly: All Signs Point to Hampton?

Is the Mothership preparing to host the most important gigs in the 25-year history of Phish? According to the Merry Swankster, the quartet is on the verge of announcing a three-night comeback run at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia. They actually claim that the announcement will come today, so you might want to book hotel rooms for March 6-8 on the Coliseum Drive Strip. We’ll see if today’s announcement actually pans out, but Hampton – a venue that’s hosted some of the greatest shows in Phish history – seems like the ideal place to kickoff the post-Breakup era. Stay tuned!


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12 thoughts on “Briefly: All Signs Point to Hampton?

  1. Partyin' Peeps Reply

    Thanks. Now I’m not going to get anything done for the rest of the day other than hitting the refresh button on phish.com.

  2. Rob S. Reply


  3. Mitch Mandlebaum Reply

    This is a travesty! When will our youth learn that drugs are not the answer!

  4. Rupert Reply

    Silly bloggers.

  5. Justin Ward Reply

    This is what I’m hearing, too. Craziness.

  6. pelosi Reply

    whether this turns out to be true or not, its def the most substantial rumor thus far..hearing it from more than one ‘in-the-know’ guy today.

  7. bob Reply

    Its true, I’d bet my left nut…

  8. The other "bob" Reply

    Heard it from my friend who is a promoter/booker…

  9. Pauly Reply

    I’ve been getting tons of confirmations. See you fuckers on tour!

  10. Rob S. Reply

    I was wrong.

  11. _goff. Reply

    so, I’m talking to the lady at the Hampton, VA. HOliday Inn and she said the weekend of March 6-8 sold out nearly 1 year ago.

    I said, really? not today?”

    she replied:

    “no. actually, sir. we had the entire hotel booked, mostly by one party…. nearly one year ago.”

    How many Ph-Insiders are there?

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