Bloggy Goodness: Weezer Sets Records

Weezer have always embraced the art of the music video, producing a number of innovative and clever clips over the years. For the video for Troublemaker off their latest self-titled released (otherwise known as the Red Album) Rivers Cuomo and Co. set out to break some Guinness Word Records during its filming. The pop-rockers were able to set five new Guinness records for Largest Game of Dodgeball, Most People in a Custard Pie Fight, Most People Riding on a Skateboard, Largest Air Guitar Ensemble, and Longest Guitar Hero World Tour Marathon. The band is also lobbying for an additional record by playing the World’s Smallest Drum Kit.


Finally, the residents of Silver Spring, Maryland and the greater D.C.-area will be enjoying a brand new venue – set to open in ’11 – thanks to the approval of the Montgomery County Council. The council voted to approve the land-use for a 2,000p. capacity venue that will be leased to Live Nation. The concert promoter will slap the Fillmore tag on the new hall in their continuing effort to build out the brand to other cities around the country.


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2 thoughts on “Bloggy Goodness: Weezer Sets Records

  1. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    Montgomery County is UBER-hetty

  2. Fillmore Corporate Welfare Reply

    Live Nation is getting such a sweetheart deal— it is sickening. I don’t want my tax dollars being exported to Los Angeles.

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