Fishman Joins Marco’s Trio For Four Shows

Our old pal The_Rick headed over to Phish.com this evening and was surprised to find the tour dates page displayed a list of dates marked as “Marco Benevento Trio with Jon Fishman.” We got really excited when we saw that, but we couldn’t find any further information. As far as we knew Andrew Barr was on drums for the gigs listed. So, we actually dusted off our journalism books and decided to do some actual reporting.

Turns out, Andrew Barr’s tour with Land Of Talk got extended so he had to back out of the shows he was scheduled to play with Benevento and bassist Reed Mathis. Jon Fishman of Phish will fill in for Barr forming an unbelievable Trio lineup with Benevento and Mathis at Real Art Ways in Hartford on November 7, Drom in NYC’s East Village on November 8, Teaneck’s Mexicali Live on November 9 and Flynnspace in Burlington on the 10. Once you pick your jaw off the floor, head to each venue’s website to pickup tickets. With prices between $12.50 and $17 these ducats will go quickly.


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4 thoughts on “Fishman Joins Marco’s Trio For Four Shows

  1. Hans Reply

    That’s what I call a super trio.

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  3. snacks Reply

    I wonder if Marco wrapped things up (after that photograph) with a cheeseburg supper? Like, they never tell you what happens after the picture, it’s just all ‘The End’

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