Beacon Theatre Peakin’ Once Again

  • Sunburst proscenium valence that runs along perimeter of auditorium ceiling, including renovation of the original back-lit lighting effects
  • One-of-a-kind sculptures of animals; masks; urns; statues of Greek martial women, and instruments of war that decorate the sides of the proscenium arch
  • Original ornate lighting fixtures and chandeliers
  • Richly ornate cornices, ceiling molding and paneling, and marble baseboards
  • Decorative elements including pilasters, scrolled brackets and medallions
  • Walls and ceilings to their original glazed finish
  • Original, thirty-foot high Venetian-inspired chandelier and re-activating the original integral lighting effects
  • Replacing entire stage flooring
  • Acoustic improvements including upgraded sound system and installation of additional speakers
  • Upgraded concession stands and renovated public restrooms
  • Renovation of all backstage dressing rooms and creation of a first-ever Star Dressing room and Green room

When a group of reporters were led from the lobby into the main auditorium there were a number of audible gasps and “wows” at how beautiful the place looked. The 2,800 seat theatre was named a landmark in 1979 which helped preserve the “bones” of the venue giving Tarozzi and his team a nice base to start with. They left no stone unturned from new seats to new concession stands to an incredible new audio system to restoring historic finishes and color schemes to redoing the backstage facilities.

The general public will get to the see the result of seven months of hard work this evening when the Beacon Theatre reopens with a performance from NYC-native Paul Simon. Besides Simon’s performances tonight and tomorrow, other upcoming shows at the Beacon include the Allman Brothers Band’s annual run, Leonard Cohen’s first American gig in quite a while and two Van Morrison performances where Van The Man will play Astral Weeks in its entirety. Keep your eyes on the Glidemag Twitter for tweets live from both the Red Carpet Arrivals and the Paul Simon concert this evening.

Let’s take a look at more of Adam Kaufman’s pictures of Beacon…


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12 thoughts on “Beacon Theatre Peakin’ Once Again

  1. Jeffrey Greenblatt Reply

    Amazing. Can’t wait to see the Allman’s there next month.

  2. saxilla Reply

    Can’t wait to see it tonight! Great pics Coach!

  3. danfun Reply

    Wow it looks so clean. I wish I still lived in NYC to be able to enjoy all the great shows they have lined up for the spring.

  4. THE RICK Reply

    I can’t wait to begin the “smoke staining” of the restored Beacon tonight!!!!

    Can’t wait to see James Gandolofini also!!!

    Maybe Art Gurfunkel

  5. jg Reply


  6. Shayna Reply

    it looks incredible!

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