Cactus Meets His Clone and Covers Cities

The Mike Gordon Band tour came through the Midwest this weekend for gigs in Chicago on Friday night and Madison on Saturday. We’ll have a full report on the Chicago show tomorrow morning. Today, we’ve got two interesting things to tell you about the Madison show. The first is that MGB guitarist Scott Murawski – who has been blogging about the tour – led the band through a cover of Cities by Talking Heads. Unlike Phish’s version of the tune, Mike and his band tackled the tune at the same tempo as the Heads…

Mike Gordon Band – Cities

During the setbreak of the Mike Band show on Saturday, the Phish bassist met another four-stringer named Mike Gordon from Wisconsin. This Mike Gordon is a real estate agent who owns the domain mikegordon.com. When Cactus contacted his doppelganger to purchase the domain five years ago he was denied but struck up a friendship with the man. The two finally met at the Madison show with Cactus giving the agent a nice shout out from the stage as per an AP article on the meeting…

“I just met the other me,” the musician said from stage. “He’s a bass player, not just a real estate broker. … When he put up his Web site people used to call him and say ‘Is this Mike Gordon?’ And he would say, ‘Yes’ and they would say, ‘Wow, I really like your bass playing.’ And he would say, ‘How does anyone know that I am a bass payer, that’s so cool.”‘

Mike and the band begin the home stretch of their tour tonight at the 20th Century Theatre in Cincinnati before heading to Ann Arbor for a show at the Blind Pig tomorrow. The tour concludes at Higher Ground on 10/4.


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3 thoughts on “Cactus Meets His Clone and Covers Cities

  1. AK Reply

    They included the (secret) El Paso verse.
    So sick.

  2. The Consensus Reply

    Eh. The dude singing is a bit annoying, but the music sounds great.

  3. jeff c. Reply

    love the doppleganger story – that’s great! thanks for the video too scotty b!

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