Phish Festival 8 Soundcheck Setlist, Extended Recap & Audio

A quick jam on one of the themes from Yes’ Starship Trooper followed. After the Starship Trooper jam, Phish performed their first version of a song debuted in Brooklyn by Classic TAB – Gone. It was clear the band had been rehearsing that one as they tore through it nicely.

As good as Gone came off, the song of the night was the last tune of the broadcast – Liquid Time off of Phish’s Party Time album that will go out at some point in the future with the Joy Boxes. The jam out of Liquid Time was fierce as this tune leaves plenty of room for improvisation. They even worked in a tease of MGMT’s Kids just to show how loose and how much fun they are having these days. Liquid Time will be a welcome addition to the repertoire.

The Bunny went back into their “regular” programming a little after 10:30. Overall the soundcheck was an extremely enjoyable listen. The boys sounded loose but turned it on when the songs called for it. Festival 8 is off to a great start and there are still eight sets to go. Set one kicks off around 7:30 PM PDT / 10:30EDT. We’ll be here with a live blog, so come join us.

Acoustic Soundcheck Setlist: Water In The Sky, Sleep Again, Let Me Lie, Invisible, Back On The Train, Driver

Electric Soundcheck Setlist: Jam, Undermind > Devil With a Blue Dress Jam, Starship Trooper Jam, Gone, Liquid Time


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14 thoughts on “Phish Festival 8 Soundcheck Setlist, Extended Recap & Audio

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  4. dayjob1978 Reply

    Thx Scotty, keep the updates flowing

  5. Al Reply

    Looking forward to the @Yemblog updates.

    I wonder how many of the remaining albums will be teased before we get to tomorrow night.

  6. Brad Reply

    doesn’t anyone else here the Starman teases during Gone? its very evident at 31:51. We will be hearing Ziggy Stardust tomorrow night, mark my words!

  7. Al Reply

    Thriller just got the axe…

  8. Kevin Reply

    I love Halloween for two reasons- the girl’s costumes and the Phish festival. What album does everyone want/think Phish will play this year? I heard that they might play Let It Bleed by Rolling Stones even though they never officially said it was an option. Check out this list I found: http://www.ranker.com/group-list/consensus-phish-halloween-2009-most-wanted-albums/phish-festival-2009
    I personally would love to hear Let it Bleed, but apparently everyone wants to hear Electric Ladyland.

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  11. Eclectic Method Reply

    We made the 99 Albums Countdown Remix for Phish’s Festival 8! Want to see it again? It’s amazing and you should watch it here… http://bit.ly/3CMaFO

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  13. bassman Reply

    anybody know where i can get a good quality, downloadable copy of their soundcheck? the one from megaupload only streams and it sounds like shit.

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