The Number Line: Fall Tour One-Timers

Albany 1: 11 (Driver, MMGAMOIO, Gumbo, Two Versions Of Me, Timber, My Friend My Friend, Golden Age, On Your Way Down, Fire, Tomorrow’s Song, I Been Around)
Albany 2: 6 (Party Time, Uncle Pen, Sanity, Walk Away, Vultures, Cool It Down)
Portland: 9 (Nellie Kane, Weigh, When The Circus Comes, Meat, Undermind, Crimes Of The Mind, Pebbles & Marbles, Freebird, Carini)
MSG 1: 2 (Brian & Robert, Peaches en Regalia)
MSG 2: 0
MSG 3: 5 (Glide, Dinner & A Movie, Guyute, Scents & Subtle Sounds, Shine A Light)
Charlottesville: 6 (Ya Mar, Sneaking Sally, Old Home Place, Bold As Love, Sweet Virginia, Loving Cup)

[Compiled by DaveO]

Check back tomorrow for more Phish Fall Tour Stats.


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8 thoughts on “The Number Line: Fall Tour One-Timers

  1. RW Reply

    Jim and Gin jump out as the most surprising one-show tunes for me. Was convinced I was going to hear both in Portland, and then again when I got to MSG3.

  2. My Fellow Prisoners Reply

    Only 1 Guyute? Good thing it was so damn beautiful.

  3. dayjob1978 Reply

    Glad to have caught the Shine A light, wish I heard the Sweet Virginia and Torn and Frayed live too…

  4. TC in NYC Reply

    How about 1 Llama all year. Lizards, Contact, Fee..just about the same rt? Amazing.

  5. Mind Crimes Reply

    Only Roses at Red Rocks, which was rad… another in Miami, or one-timer for the year?

  6. YV Reply

    They played “Train” at MSG night 2 as well so it was not a one timer

  7. GoodOldDaze7 Reply

    “YV They played “train” MSG2.” No, they played Train Song Philly 2 and Get Back on the Train at MSG.

  8. RunLikeAMultibeast Reply

    they killed me by not playing makisupa…god damn one timers!

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