The Number Line: The Studio Albums

The Story Of The Ghost (1998): Played 9 songs, Did Not Play 5 (Fikus, Shafty, Frankie Says, Roggae, End Of Session)

Farmhouse (2000): Played 9 Songs, Did Not Play 3 (Sleep, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Sand)

Round Room (2002): Played 3 Songs, Did Not Play 9 (Anything But Me, Round Room, Mexican Cousin, Friday, Mock Song, All Of These Dreams, Walls Of The Cave, Thunderhead, Waves)

Undermind (2004): Played 4 Songs, Did Not Play 10 (Scents and Subtle Sounds (Intro), The Connection, A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing, Army Of One, Crowd Control, Maggie’s Revenge, Nothing, Access Me, Secret Smile, Grind)

Joy (2009): Played All 10 Songs.

[Compiled by DaveO]


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14 thoughts on “The Number Line: The Studio Albums

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  2. clydefrog Reply

    They didn’t play The Landlady, but they did play Punch You in the Eye. The middle part is “The Landlady”

  3. clydefrog Reply

    Also, they played “The Curtain With”. The “With” section is the song “Rift” but much much slower (half-time maybe?)

  4. Ry Guy Reply

    The with section is not rift….was that a mistake or an attempt at a bad joke?

  5. Andrew Reply

    Actually, the with section IS rift. listen to it sometime.

  6. i know what happened at coventry Reply

    the important part about curtain with is that you play it in the right key. and the story about how it was written.

  7. dayjob1978 Reply

    LOVED the SASS at MSG. Surprised there was not a WOTC however…

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  9. majikpresto Reply

    Undermind kicks ass. I like round room too. I wish they’d play Mikes song -> Mock song -> Mikes song.

  10. Corey (weewayne) Reply

    Curtain /with.

    The with stands for With Jam. The Jam in Rift slowed down and also contains REBA-esque type jamming. I’m pretty sure the two are intertwined. There was actual on-line history somewhere.. but even the Phish.net description is lacking these days,.. c’mon ellis. help us out here.

  11. Andrew Reply

    I would love to hear Maggie’s Revenge ‘live and in concert.’

  12. gucci Reply

    Also, they played “The Curtain With”. The “With” section is the song “Rift” but much much slower (half-time maybe?)

  13. gucci Reply

    I like music

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