The Number Line: Leftover Phish Stats

7 – Shows within 150 miles of New York City
6 - Total Lyric Changes (Ya Mar 12/5 “naked pa” Antelope 12/5 “naked guy”, Antelope 12/2 “Mike”, Antelope 11/29 “Prince”, Antelope 11/25 “Mike”, Cities 11/25 “Thanksgiving”)
6 – Bluegrass Tunes (Poor Heart, Nellie Cane, MMGAMOIO, Old Home Place, Ginseng Sullivan, Uncle Pen)
5 – Vocal Jams (Sally and the 4 YEMs)
5 – Songs with Numbers in their titles (Twenty Years Later, Two Versions of Me, 46 Days, Seven Below, Character Zero)
4 – Items offered to Rob Harvilla of the Village Voice (Rum, Cigarette, Big Red, Juicy Fruit)
4 – Antelope Lyric Changes: 12/5 “naked guy”, 12/2 “mike”, 11/29 “prince”, 11/25 “mike”
3 – Songs off of Exile On Main Street performed that refer to torn clothes (Torn & Frayed, Loving Cup, Shine A Light)
3 – Fewest letters in a song title Joy, Bug
3 – Number of venues phish played for the first time (Wachovia, JPJ Arena, Cobo)
2 – Shows that opened AC/DC Bag, Chalkdust
1 – Naked Guy Who Jumped on Stage
0 – Daily Papers in the NYC-area that covered the MSG Shows

[Compiled by DaveO, Luke, Andy Kahn, and ScottyB]


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7 thoughts on “The Number Line: Leftover Phish Stats

  1. jeff Reply

    for Lyric Changes, you forgot Fluffhead on 12/3 (“Fluff came to New York”)

  2. naked guy Reply

    The lyrics in Fluffhead is always one of the dudes singing “Came to my door” and the other singing, “To New York”

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  4. henge Reply

    i dig this

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  6. RunLikeAMultibeast Reply

    sweet virginia = 4 songs off exile, brah

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