Camp Bisco 9: The Ridiculous Light Rig

Now that a few days have passed since Camp Bisco 9 wrapped up, tons of audio, video and photos have made the rounds and we’re blown away by how good the light rig looked. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, HT contributor Wade Wilby worked on the event’s rig, but take a look at this video and you’ll see what we’re talkin’ about…

Kudos to tDB LD Johnny R. Goode on a job well done.

After a drama-filled first quarter of 2010 the Disco Biscuits are firing on all cylinders again. Not only did they slay musically, but Camp Bisco 9 received media attention other festivals of the same size can only dream about. Even the curmudgeonly Bob Lefsetz had to give the band – and festival – their due. Be sure to check out our full report from Camp Bisco 9 by Carla and Jeremy. The Biscuits return to the road on August 25 at the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach, DE followed by two weeks of shows.


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2 thoughts on “Camp Bisco 9: The Ridiculous Light Rig

  1. wyllys Reply

    it was an honor to work with johnny. thanks for the shot out and great title. Ridiculous indeed

  2. Jason Woodside Reply

    A+ work wade it was a pleasure capturing it

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