Phish Fan Leaps Off Balcony at Closer

While we wish the music was the big story from last night’s Phish tour closer at Jones Beach in Wantagh, NY instead it was the story of a fan who leaped approximately 25 feet from the balcony to the loge during setbreak. In a story picked up by the NY Post, Daily News and Newsday, an unidentified 25-year-old fan landed hard after jumping from an upper section and started bleeding from his face before he was attended to emergency technicians.

[Picture of damaged chair by @MirkMusic]

According to a tweet from Graham Flanagan of CNN, the venue reported that the leaper “is fine.” One of the guys who was sitting at the scene of the accident provided an eyewitness account on Phantasy Tour that makes it seem as if the people who were landed on are okay as well, thankfully. While most NYC-area daily newspapers ignored the actual music at Jones Beach they sure were quick to pick up on this incident. We hope these reports that everyone is fine turn out to be correct.

As far as the show, the band stuck to the basics for the tour closer focusing on their “A” material including You Enjoy Myself, Tweezer and Harry Hood – all of which were played towards the end of Set Two. The best exploration came out of Light and both Bathtub Gin and Run Like An Antelope raged. While the quartet had no trouble with most songs, Destiny Unbound was botched pretty bad at both the beginning and end. Phish returns to the stage at the Austin City Limits Festival in October.

Be sure to check out Eric Ward’s review of night one at Glide.


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