Wednesday Intermezzo: Rush Hashanah

VH1 Classic continues a great tradition tonight with the start of Rush Hashanah. The station will broadcast 24 hours of Rush-related features starting this evening at 7PM to coincide with the start of the Jewish New Year. Included in the Rush Hashanah schedule will be the premiere of Classic Albums: 2112 and Moving Pictures tonight at 9:30PM which takes an in-depth look at those legendary albums as well as plenty of concert specials.

Here’s a look at six other stories of note this hump day…

Finally, the Washington Post published a must-read article on Sunday about indie rockers not running from their jamband roots. For instance, drummer Chris Tomson of Vampire Weekend was extremely excited to play Merriweather Post Pavilion recently because that’s the site of his first Phish show (9/17/00).  This is a topic Mike Greenhaus explored last summer, yet it’s interesting to see a publication from outside of the jam world tackle the subject – especially the famed Washington Post.


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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Intermezzo: Rush Hashanah

  1. suckiemcsuck Reply

    I just read that Washington Post article and it’s just sad that the hipsters are too concerned with keeping their above it all attitude to admit they like some kinds of music. What a horrible existence it must be to walk around constantly measuring what it’s ok to admit enjoying against what’s cool.

  2. andrew Reply

    Hole doing PJ is worse than Phish doing “Teen Spirit.” Shana Tova everybody!

  3. danimal Reply

    gonna see panda bear tomorrow night. i’ve heard nothing but bad things about his live act.

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