Sony to MGMT: Congratulations on a Fine Album, Now Write Electric Feel Pt. 2

While a few of us on the HT staff love MGMT’s latest album, Congratulations, the band’s label – Sony/Columbia – aren’t big fans of the psychedelic LP’s sales figures. There’s no catchy single a la Kids or Electric Feel or Time To Pretend on Congratulations and we all know that label heads aren’t as interested in a band growing as an artist as they are in a band producing hits. Sony gave the band creative freedom for Congratulations, but according to an interview with MGMT’s Andrew Van-Wyngarden in the Daily Record the label will be much more involved with the creation of the third album.

“We’ve been looking at relationships with the label during the recording process and it’s quite different this time. They’ll be more involved and not give us as much freedom,” Van-Wyngarden told the paper before a recent gig in Glasgow. The singer/guitarist feels the band is in a completely different place, “I definitely think our music will change in the future because Congratulations is almost two years old now. We have some ideas and have been talking about possible directions of where to go next. We are just in much more positive mental states than when we wrote Congratulations.” No word yet on when the group will enter the studio, we can’t wait to see where their career goes from here.

In other MGMT news, the band’s touring drummer – Will Berman – left the stage with just two songs left in the group’s set last night in Manchester after getting hit with “an object from the crowd” according to a Spinner report. Berman’s band mates didn’t even realize he was gone until after the next tune, Kids, and pleaded for his return to no avail.


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2 thoughts on “Sony to MGMT: Congratulations on a Fine Album, Now Write Electric Feel Pt. 2

  1. Rob S. Reply

    I smell an implosion!!! Love MGMT, but wished I had listened to the album before I bought it… ’nuff said.

  2. zappafrank Reply

    Love MGMT, and Congartulations is a damn good Psychedelic Pop album. I think it’s just went over all the hipsters heads.

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