Halloween, Alaska: Too Tall To Hide

Halloween Alaska’s latest Too Tall To Hide, delivers a unique sound. It is tough to elicit a “warm” feeling from electronic music, but Halloween, Alaska has mastered that difficult task. There are flashes of the eighties, and peeks of bands like The Postal Service here and there, but ultimately this CD reaches out and seeps into the cracks with far more mood and substance.

Part of the warmth comes from the vocals, such as track 3, “The Light Bulb Does” which highlights the thick, soft voice of lead singer James Diers. The music sits back and blends, creating a substantial amount of feeling by not trying to overpower the sound of the smooth vocals.

The cover of LL Cool J’s, “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” was the only track that didn’t quite work on this mix of moody music. The rendition just seemed too average to stand up to the sound of the other tracks, and read as more of a distraction than an enhancement. Other than that, the CD had some serious flow, and for those who like extras, it also includes MP3s, lyrics to the songs and a video.

Songs like “Drowned” and “You and Me Both” have that sort of swirling feel to them that you can get lost in, which keeps the electronic “poppy” sound from taking control of the music. Just when you feel your toes start tapping, the music takes that dreamy turn and you get swept up in it. Musically, this CD is a fabulous ride.


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