Howard Stern Chats With Jay-Z & Billy Joel

If Howard Stern doesn’t re-sign with SiriusXM after his contract expires next month, at least he went out with a bang. This week, the shock jock completed fantastic interviews with two legendary artists – Jay-Z & Billy Joel.

The shock jock welcomed Billy Joel to his studio for the first time on Tuesday and had a grand piano set up for Billy to play. Howard conducted the interview more like a fan than like a journalist, which made for good listening. Stern called out requests & Joel obliged in most cases. As you can imagine, Howard also got some dirt out of Joel including an anecdote about Paul McCartney visiting Billy’s home. It’s a must-listen interview for Billy Joel fans. We’ve made a playlist of YouTube videos featuring the audio of the entire video, but we’re not sure how long it will be before Sirius has ‘em pulled.

On Monday, Jay-Z stopped by Stern’s studio to discuss his new book, Decoded. Over the course of the near hour-long interview, Hova talks about being a crack dealer, his family life, the music business and a bevy of other topics. We made a playlist of this interview as well, so check it out before the clips get pulled…


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2 thoughts on “Howard Stern Chats With Jay-Z & Billy Joel

  1. the roamer Reply

    IMHO – i’ve been a sirius sub for 5 yrs now and stern just doesn’t put on a decent show anymore. he’s been coastin now for at least a year maybe more. i don’t see SIRI paying him what he thinks he’s worth so i think he’ll leave. Didn’t hear the interviews but will catch them on the replay this weekend.

    Not sure I’ll keep the service when renewal time comes.

  2. Newms Reply

    Whatever the case, that Billy Joel interview is just awesome.

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