Umphrey’s Sound Caresser Kevin Browning Says Goodbye to the Road

I’ve been to over 50 Umphrey’s McGee concerts in a wide variety of venues. No matter where the band performed, you could always count on hearing the perfect mix thanks to the work of sound caresser Kevin Browning. Today, Browning announced that he will no longer tour with Umphrey’s McGee starting on Feb. 1st, after 12+ years of relentless gigging.

[Photo by Brian Spady]

Not only did Browning make sure the sound in each venue was perfect, he also had the midas touch with live recordings for the band’s UMLive series. You could hear nuances in the group’s music that you might not have been able to hear if someone else produced these recordings thanks to KB’s masterful mixes. Kevin also adds to UM’s sound through live vocal effects. Whether panning vocals in Uncle Wally,  throwing death metal effects on the vocals within Resolution (Nopener and Pay The Snucka, too), providing on-the-spot vocal delays in Bright Lights, Big City or crushing vocal reverbs in Morning Song; Browning was a major part of the action. It should also be mentioned that KB produced all of Umphrey’s studio efforts.

Kevin will still be a major part of the Umphrey’s organization and will work out of the band’s Chicago headquarters starting on February 1st. Browning has played a major role in many of the group’s innovative marketing/musical efforts including the UMBowl and S2 (Stew Art). Chris Mitchell (Rhythm Devils, The Dead, G. Love) has been tapped as the band’s new sound engineer. We wish Chris all the best as he’s got some seriously large shoes to fill. Head over to The Floor for Kevin’s essay on his big move.


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3 thoughts on “Umphrey’s Sound Caresser Kevin Browning Says Goodbye to the Road

  1. Kevin Browning Reply

    You’re words mean the world to me. Thanks for the appreciation and support. I look forward to giving you lots more to write about in the future. :)
    - Kevin

  2. Brian Spady Reply

    Well written Scotty. Kevin you will be missed. Anyone who has been out on the road following Umphrey’s has always appreciated the hard work that you do. Your presence as part of the mobile UM team has been instrumental in creating the awesome sounds we all hear during the some of the most epic concerts of our lives. Many thanks and I am sure I am not the only one who would like to wish you luck in the future.
    -Brian Spady

  3. Tigg Reply

    All the best to a master of his craft! Kevin will be missed missed by all throughout the Umphrey’s community.

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