Review: Brothers Past @ MHoW

BP started out with a very strong set especially given the circumstances. Lead singer/ guitarist Tommy Hamilton was hurt from a fall on the ice the previous week, which caused the postponement of a Connecticut show two nights earlier, it was a case of the show must go on. From his seat he continued to play double duty, manning both his laptop and guitar to provide leadership for the band’s sound (in the second set a valiant attempt to stand was short lived and Tom immediately returned to his seat).  Technical problems were also in abundance as the sound team took to the stage between almost every song during the first set.

However, despite the obstacles, the night came together and provided a spectacular evening for those trekking out to Brooklyn. Brothers Past didn’t make fans wait long for one of the highlights of the night as Red Rover to Squeeze was an incredible start to the show that made it easy to overlook some muddiness in the vocals and bass volume issues. The ending of the second set was another great moment with a very trance-y sandwich of Who’s Gonna Love Me Now into Too Late to Call back into Who’s Gonna Love Me Now. The band ended the night with the classic Simple Gift of Man that was exactly what fans needed before heading back out into the wet night.

Setlist courtesy of Brother’s Past

Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Set One: Red Rover>Squeeze>Forget You Know Me>Squeeze, One Rabbit Race

Set Two: Dressed Up Worn Down>Machine, Who’s Gonna Love Me Now>Too Late to Call>Who’s Gonna Love Me Now

Encore: Simple Gift of Man

A download of the night is available on Archive.org thanks to Rich Steele.


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  1. deiph Reply

    Great shots!!

  2. ZDub Reply

    Fun review and excellent photos, Jeremy and Carla! RE: the dollar bill — word on the street, a bachelor party made their way to Music Hall of Wburg that night because they were forbidden to hit up a strip club. Little did they know we’d be rocking the body paint proper. xo

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