Umphrey’s Adds S2 Event @ First Ave.

The legendary First Avenue club in Minneapolis has been a favorite venue for Umphrey’s McGee since the band first performed at the venue in 2006. UM will show some love to area fans by holding an S2 Stew Art event at the club on March 5. Tickets to the innovative band/fan collaborative performance go on sale this Saturday, February 26th at Noon CT via Umphrey’s Ticketing.

[Photo by Jeremy Gordon]

In other Umphrey’s news, the group has revealed details for what the first three quarters of UMBowl II are all about this year. The first quarter will consist of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” set in which fans will pick the direction the band will go via text messages from a list of choices laid out on large projection screens at the venue. For the second quarter, the sextet will offer a full S2 Stew Art set, while the third quarter will be the first-ever “special teams quarter.” Here’s the description of what Q3 is all about from UMBowl.com

We are thrilled to introduce the Special Teams quarter, a brand new concept for the UMBowl. Constantly evolving line-ups will keep everyone guessing as Q3 unfolds with various teams taking the field. Everything is possible – solos, duos, trios, and quartets as the band adapts to the conditions inside the stadium. You won’t know who might pop up behind the drum kit or on the keyboards. Any configuration of the band may take the stage, although not likely the one you’re used to. Different games call for different game plans and nothing is off limits.

When the big one is on the line, you do what it takes to win.

Umphrey’s next plays on March 2 at The Barrymore in Madison, WI.


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