Briefly: Deervana @ Brooklyn Bowl

Anyone who has seen Deer Tick can attest to the fact that they are prone to busting out random covers. With an encyclopedic memory of rock history, they are able to tackle everything from John Mellencamp’s Pink Houses to Santo & Johnny’s Sleepwalker to Bobby Charles’ Down South In New Orleans. Earlier this year, John McCauley & Co. took their love of covering another artists material to a whole new level by playing under the moniker of Deervana – which featured the band playing the music of grunge icons Nirvana for an entire show.

Last weekend, the band revived the project for a special gig at SXSW to rave reviews, as McCauley’s raw croaky growl sounded eerily reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s. Today, Deer Tick announced that they will bring Deervana to New York, for a June 19 performance at Brooklyn Bowl – a venue they had previously played a Halloween show of Sex Pistols covers at - as part of the Northside Festival. As the band has pointed out, this will not be a traditional Deer Tick gig, with a handful of covers thrown in, it will exclusively feature the band playing the music of Nirvana. Tickets are currently on sale now for just $15.


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2 thoughts on “Briefly: Deervana @ Brooklyn Bowl

  1. Jennifer Reply

    What is it mean by Deervana. I heard about Nirvana. What is this?

  2. rstank Reply

    FYI – the show is Sunday, the 19th, not the 18th. At least, that is what the Brooklyn Bowl website says. Either way, I got my tickets!

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