Furthur @ Radio City – Elvis Costello, Larry Campbell, Diana Krall and Teresa Williams

After paying tribute to The Clash on Friday night and Owsley “Bear” Stanley on Saturday night, Furthur finished off a three-night stand at Radio City Music Hall by welcoming Elvis Costello, Larry Campbell, Diana Krall and Teresa Williams to sit in with them tonight.

[By Dylan Carney via @FurthurBand]

Phil Lesh and Bob Weir’s latest project opened with Samson and Delilah before former Phil and Friends’ guitarist Larry Campbell of the Levon Helm Band came out for a cover of The Band’s Chest Fever. Campbell remained on hand as longtime Deadhead Elvis Costello led Furthur through Tennessee Jed, Friend of the Devil and a creative Ship of Fools > It Must’ve Been The Roses > Ship of Fools sequence. Costello joined his wife, jazz vocalist Diana Krall, and Larry in performing Ripple with Furthur to close tonight’s first set.

Set One: Samson and Delilah, Chest Fever^, Tennessee Jed^^, Friend of the Devil^^, Ship of Fools^^ > It Must’ve Been The Roses^^ > Ship of Fools^^, Cassidy, Ripple^^^

Set Two: Throwing Stones, Sunrise*, St. Stephen, What’s Become of Baby?* > The Eleven > Uncle John’s Band^, Unbroken Chain > The Wheel, Morning Dew, Sugar Magnolia

Encore: Days Between, Jam > Fever**, Attics of My Life***

^ – w/ Larry Campbell
^^ – w/ Larry Campbell and Elvis Costello
^^^ – w/ Larry Campbell, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall
* – w/ Teresa Williams
** – w/ Diana Krall, Teresa Williams, Larry Campbell and Elvis Costello
*** – w/ Elvis Costello, Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

[via @FurthurBand]

Furthur dug deep into their repertoire during the second set for the group’s second-ever versions of the Terrapin Station LP track Sunrise and the Aoxomoxoa rarity What’s Become of Baby? both featuring Campbell’s wife and fellow former Phil and Friender Teresa Williams. Tonight’s second set also gave Lesh a chance to shine in Unbroken Chain, showcased drummer Joe Russo’s skills throughout The Eleven and even featured a joyous fiddle solo by Campbell during Uncle John’s Band.

For the triple encore, the band started off by themselves for Days Between and then brought Krall back out on piano for a brief jam with Phil that led into a take on the R&B standard Fever that also featured Costello, Williams and Campbell. Furthur finished out the show and the run with a tender Attics of My Life along with Elvis, Larry and Teresa. Next up for Furthur is a performance at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton, NY on Tuesday.


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5 thoughts on “Furthur @ Radio City – Elvis Costello, Larry Campbell, Diana Krall and Teresa Williams

  1. FM Fats Reply

    For the record, it’s Teresa Williams. No “h”.

  2. Augustus Westus Reply

    Damn – this one looked like a keeper. Sunrise!!!

  3. Kid Charlemagne Reply

    never know when the show will end, those that headed towards the door during Days Between to beat the crowd sure missed a treat that truly capped off a wonderful weekend at Radio City…

  4. crypticalone Reply

    Gotta love NY, got a tweet about special guests, jumped in a cab, caught set 2…bummer on missing set one, but, hey, at least I caught that beautiful sunrise and deep days between.

  5. apollak Reply

    Ledgendary show!!!!! Time will tell.
    .During the First set I kept looking over at my brother saying “can you believe this” And Sunrise WOW. The first time I actually really liked the song. What became of the baby was trippy beyond belief, and just kept getting trippier.
    The second set peaked out with a version of morning dew that built and built and nearly took the roof off. The third balcony I was standing on was literally rocking to the beat.

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