My Morning Jacket: Lexington Setlist

My Morning Jacket @ Memorial Coliseum, Lexington KY

We throw the terms road dogs and road warriors around on this site to help describe the many bands we cover that tour relentlessly. While plenty of HT faves fit into that category, My Morning Jacket certainly does not. According to the group’s setlist file MMJ played 64 shows in 2008, 13 gigs in 2009 and a scant 34 performances last year. Tonight, nearly four months into 2011, My Morning Jacket finally played their first “official” show of 2011.

Considering it’s just under 80 miles from MMJ’s hometown of Louisville, you’d think Jim James and the boys would’ve played plenty of shows in Lexington. Yet tonight’s one-off performance at the Memorial Coliseum was the first My Morning Jacket concert in Lexington since 2002.

Lexington native and rising star Ben Sollee not only opened the show but he also sat in on Golden and Wonderful (The Way I Feel) during My Morning Jacket’s set. Surprisingly, Wonderful (The Way I Feel) and the title track were the only two songs performed off the group’s forthcoming Circuital LP, which was recorded at a church gymnasium in Louisville.

Here’s a look at tonight’s setlist…

Set: Mahgeetah, Anytime, Off The Record, Evil Urges, I’m Amazed, The Way That He Sings, Gideon, Circuital, Golden*,  Lowdown, Dondante, Butch Cassidy, Wonderful (The Way I Feel)*, Lay Low, What A Wonderful Man, Dancefloors, Smokin’ From Shootin’, End Of Run Thru, Touch Me Part 2,

Encore: Wordless Chorus, Touch Me Part 1, Highly Suspicious, One Big Holiday

* with Ben Sollee

[via MyMorningJacket.com]

Next up for My Morning Jacket is a headlining gig at the Hangout Festival.


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    They did not play Remnants Sunday night.

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