Intermezzo: Old Relationships Die Hard

Even though Sammy Hagar and Mickey Hart are putting on the bravest of faces in their latest individual interviews with Billboard and Rolling Stone respectively, you can’t help but come away from the pieces feeling like these guys would kill to be back in the bands for which they are best known. Hagar tells Billboard that both he and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony laughed when they heard that the group’s Australian tour was cancelled before lamenting about how much he misses the Van Halen brothers. Hart refutes Bob Weir’s claim that the jort-wearing guitar player is more “current” than the drummer before telling RS that a Dead tour “is always a possibility.”

There’s nothing wrong with Chickenfoot and the latest Mickey Hart Band, but they ain’t Van Halen and the Grateful Dead. There’s a sadness in both rockers’ words, even as they laugh and try to shrug away the past. For Hagar and Hart’s sake, we hope they do get a chance to reunite with their “real” bands before it’s too late.

Here’s a quick look at six other stories of note…

Finally, yesterday we showed you a solo acoustic version by Jeff Tweedy of a track off Wilco’s soon-to-be-released The Whole Love called Dawned On Me. Later in the afternoon, the group released an official video for their cover of Nick Lowe’s I Love My Label. What we love is getting to see Wilco’s famed loft in all its glory…


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