Jam Cruise 10 Photos: The People

Now that Jam Cruisers have been back on land for a few days, many photos of the voyage are popping up. Re-entry into reality is always tough, but getting to see the many wonderful moments that those of us aboard the Poesia shared last week helps fight the post-Jam Cruise funk.

[All Photos by Chad Smith]

Among the many brilliant photographers on Jam Cruise was our pal Chad Smith. We’ve got a number of JC10 photo galleries planned for you and today we kick them off with the first of two galleries from Chad. This one focuses on the people that make the boat such a wonderful place to live for five days.



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One thought on “Jam Cruise 10 Photos: The People

  1. the joker Reply

    we all come for the music but its the people of jam cruise that make it really magical and have me coming back every year. great work chad!!!

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