Briefly: The Return of Tenacious D – Rize Of The Fenix

UPDATE: Tenacious D has announced that the album will come out in May and have shared the first single, Rize Of The Fenix, which shares a name with the forthcoming album.

Tenacious D, the self-proclaimed “greatest band on earth,” are set to release their long-awaited third album, entitled Rize of the Fenix, later this year. Details have been sparse, but that should change at 4PM PST when they will make an announcement of some sort, according to the new album’s website. The full-band version of The D recently made a surprise appearance at one of drummer Brooks Wackerman’s sets in L.A. As of now there are two planned festival performances scheduled for Jack Black, Kyle Gass and the rest of their band mates this June – one at the Download Festival in the U.K. and another at Rock am Ring in Germany. Let’s hope a full tour is in the group’s future.


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6 thoughts on “Briefly: The Return of Tenacious D – Rize Of The Fenix

  1. kyle Reply

    Scotty ,

    You know I love the page but the format is a lil rough. I have trouble scolling up and down minutes after the page loads. Whats up with that?? Its not my computer either. Keep up the good work. GO D

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply


    Thanks for the feedback. Is this something that just happened or has been happening for a while? Do you just see the page loading the whole time you can’t scroll?

    Appreciate any specifics you can share so we can sort this out. Looks fine on my end, but I’ll poke around

    - Scotty

  3. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Think I figured out what’s going on. We’re working on it, Kyle. Thanks again for letting us know something was up.

  4. kyle Reply

    What is happening is the page seems to be loading but I cant scroll up or down. It does this for a few minutes then when it allows me to scroll it acts like it is trying to do the scroll I was trying b4. Confusing I know. It has only happened since you went to the new format.


    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      Kyle, you’ve had these issues since October? What browser are you using. Thanks again for the feedback and helping us figure this out. – SB

  5. jeff c. Reply

    man, there’s nothing phallic at all about the cover art… they’ve lost their edge!

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