Stormy Mondays: Ghosts of Jambands Past – Bad Hat

Continuing along with a look back at jambands of the past, this week’s Stormy Monday features Bad Hat, the short lived jazz band featuring drummer Jon Fishman and guitarist Trey Anastasio of Phish along with mandolinist Jamie Masefield and bassist Stacy Starkweather.

[Photo via Phasinated.com]

It was an interesting time for the Phish boys to delve wholeheartedly in that direction as 1994 was the last year of playing smaller venues with any regularity, and the jazz material that was common, though never quite a staple, in setlists had fallen away. Included here from the beginning of set two at Middlebury College is a long, spacey version of So What followed by some banter and nice jazzy version of Magilla. The recording runs a little hot at moments, but it’s definitely worth a listen. Enjoy!


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  1. Andrew Blackstein Reply

    Track 2 downloads as “Oh Kee Pah” and not “Magilla” guess it was a type-O

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